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A list of most Frequently Asked Questions related to septic systems installation, excavation and related services.  If we haven't answered your questions here, please contact us, or use our online form to get a free estimate for your job.


Do you install septic pumps?

Yes, and we only install top quality pumps.


Do you fix or repair old or failing systems?

If a fix is possible we will fix it.


How accurate are your septic quotes? Are there any hidden costs?

If you are looking for preliminary quotes for your budgeting process and we have not been onsite yet for site evaluation and a planning session, consider the quotes ballpark quotes.  If we have done the site evaluation and planned the system out with you only two things could cause the quote to change.  Hitting a major sheet of rock on the tank install, or finding an old garbage pit that requires a change of plans.  We have seen both, but it is rare.


During our build when is the best time to install our septic system?

It can be done at any time.  If we are digging your basement we usually install the tank at that time while the big equipment is onsite.  The septic field area needs to be protected from heavy traffic during the build.  You don’t want to drive on an existing field, if the field does not exist yet it still needs to be protected so the soil does not get compacted.  If the system is in place during construction you need to be careful that nothing harmful ie paint from washing paint brushes is entering the system.


Can I install a septic system in the winter?

We can put tanks in any time of year.  Septic fields are shallow and frost depth will determine if they can be installed.  Frost depth varies greatly depending on the moisture content in the soil, snow cover, shelter from the wind, and the severity of the winter.  We can always get your house livable with a tank install and pump and haul if the septic field cannot be installed.


Why should I replace a poor functioning tank?

  • Preserve your field.  Solids entering the field will clog your field causing irreversible damage and possible sewer back up
  • Possible safety issue (falling through rotten top)
  • Environmental concerns with leakage into ground water


How do I know if my tank needs repair or replacement?

  • Tank risers are crumbling
  • Baffles have rotted off
  • Center wall is disintegrating
  • Tank is leaking




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